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11/07/2003 03:52 AM by Ramin; backward induction
you should strat from terminal verticies and replace any branch out of one information set by its minimum( maximum) value. (it depends that whose is the information set)
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10/12/2003 10:50 PM by Ramin Javadi; 2 question about strategic forms
I need some hints to prove these two theorem :

1- every game of perfect information when reduced to strategic form has a saddle point, both players have optimal pure strategies. moreover, the saddle point can be found by removing dominated rows and columns.

2- in finite games with perfect recall, any distribution over the payoffs achievable by mixed strategies is achievable by behavioral strategies as well.

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09/15/2003 07:12 PM by Vanessa; Undergraduate senior essay in game theory
Hi, I'm currently a senior at university, and am looking for a topic for my senior essay in economics. I am currently taking a course in game theory and have become really interested in the subject, and as a result hope to write my [View full text and thread]