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Respond to the question: Isnt confessconfess strategy the bes?

09/13/2003 02:26 AM by Efrem; Isn't "confess-confess" strategy the best strategy?
I read the following lines by David K. Levine yet I also got a nice application of Game theory(Prisoner's dillema in particular)in apologetics in the webpage, but which one is a better strategy, "a confess-confess, or don't confess-don't confess" of course how you define the numerical values in the payoff matrix determines-a reward(positive) or punishment.

David K.Levine " ...Here is a standard prisoner's dilemma game matrix where the prisoner's have two options not confess, or confess. As usual they are both better off if neither confesses, but regardless of whether or not the other prisoner is confessing, a player always increases his payoff by one if he confesses."

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