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08/26/2004 04:30 AM by name withheld;
In a repeated game the prisoners dilemma can be overcome by punishment such as trigger strategies. But that's only in infinitely repeated games
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08/04/2003 10:57 AM by name withheld; prisoner's dilemma not really covercomed
If you suppose an outside agency such as mafia, then it becomes a different game altogether, i.e., the outcome changes from that of a prisoner's dilemma. Therefore, mafia does not really solves a prisoner's dilemma; it simply shifts the equilibrium point. [Manage messages]

06/11/2003 08:21 AM by arvind; through an outside agency
One of the ways the prisoner's dilemma can be overcome is by the prescence of an outside agency (i.e. the mafia). The agency (mafia) enforces the rule that if either of the prisoner's confess, they will face a punishment (death)greater [View full text and thread]

05/29/2003 09:48 AM by name withheld; How can the prisoners' dilemma be overcome?
In the situation of the Prisoners' dilemma is there anyway in which it can be overcome? [View full text and thread]