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04/04/2001 05:26 AM by felix karg; online game
I have developped a new online game and now I'm searching for testers/users. You can find it under: Note: Multiplayer is only fun playing against human players(You need to find a second or third person).
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12/27/2000 06:38 AM by Pavel; Thanks
Rodrigo, thanks a lot for your help ... could you give me your e-mail / postal address and I will you send you a Christmas present ... please contact me asap ... [Manage messages]

12/23/2000 07:18 PM by Rodrigo; Bayesian game
Each player has two types: weak or strong. Each type of each player can either attack or not attack. Therefore, depending upon the type of the player, we have four possible pure strategies for each player: aa: ATTACK if WEAK and [View full text and thread]