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11/27/2000 04:22 AM by Brandon; Some books I've found useful
Hi! This's one book which I've found particularly useful (at least for me).
"Games for business and Economics" by Roy Gardner

I don't know but I think Barnes and Nobel will carry those books which you're looking for. Try their webpage. [Manage messages]

11/26/2000 08:20 PM by David Levine;
If you search the keywords "game theory" on the online Australian bookstore they seem to have a pretty good selection. They have Game Theory with Economic Applications by H. Bierman and L. Fernandez which is a pretty [View full text and thread]

11/26/2000 07:01 PM by kristen; books available in australia
I'm looking for a good introductory book about Game Theory, but unfortunately there seems to be a chronic shortage in Australia (that is presuming that book shops actually know what game theory is in the first place). Does anyone know [View full text and thread]