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01/15/2001 09:58 PM by Brandon; Thank You!
Fantastic! Thank you very much! :) I'll definately try to make use of them. Right now, I'll have to get my hands on Visio 1st :)
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01/13/2001 11:13 AM by David K. Levine; PDF File Uploads
You can now upload a pdf file with your post. [View full text and thread]

11/20/2000 07:22 AM by David Levine; we'll see
It is a good idea, but not so easy to implement. Game matrices can be done through html. We'll investigate methods for incorporating game trees. [Manage messages]

11/17/2000 11:53 PM by Brandon; Some suggestions
Hi! I was just wondering if this feature can be incorporated into the forum - the ability to post graphs/diagrams/game trees. I suppose this would be helpful. I did notice forums which host discussions about computer parts allowing [View full text and thread]