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06/10/2002 06:01 AM by Burkhard C. Schipper; Re: Re: Function maximized in Nash Equilibrium?
This is a reply to Man-Chung Ng's reply on my message "Function maximized in Nash Equilibrium?" Thanks for the reference. This paper you suggest uses indeed category theory in a much more sophisticated way than I do. Therefore I am
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05/17/2002 07:28 PM by Man-Chung Ng;
The idea in your short paper is not new at all. Solution concepts can be obtained as some kind of limit.

Spyros Vassilakis has worked on similar problems ten years ago. I suggest that you may take a look at one of his papers, "Some Economic Applications of Scott Domains," 1992, Mathematical Social Science, Vol. 24, 173-208. [Manage messages]

05/13/2002 09:22 AM by Burkhard C. Schipper; Function maximized in Nash Equilibrium
Is there any work on the characterization of a function that is maximized in pure-strategy Nash equilibria (if they exist) for any strategic game with countable action space? I don't mean potential functions, weighted potential [View full text and thread]