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05/15/2002 10:52 AM by summer69; stable sets
It is well known that Lucas back in 1969 gave an example of a constant sum
cooperative superadditive game with no stable set (s.s.) at all. This example
came almost as a relief, since examples of games with incresingly complexity
s.s. have been discovered. After that, researchers felt excused to abandon
s.s. theory in the light of the implication: "Existence of games without s.s.
implies that s.s. is not a good solution concept". Needless to say that the
above implication is rather fallacious since existence of algebraic equations
without a root does not impliy that 'root' is a bad solution concept!

In the light of the above:
a) What is the current state of affairs of s.s. theory?
b) Are there any other interpretations of s.s. apart from the standard one? [Manage messages]