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04/24/2002 03:45 PM by Sugnbin Cho; same value payoff for one decision diff?
There is no dominant strategy equilibrium or pure strategy Nash equilibrium.
However, the (simultaneous move) game has a mixed strategy equilibrium. Consult any undergraduate microeconmics book or game theory text to figure out what the mixed strategy equilibrium is. [Manage messages]

04/22/2002 05:56 PM by Ryan (Centre College); the matrix part
Value Matrix: 0, 10 --- 10, 5 3, 0 --- 3, 5 I'm trying to apply game theory for an undergrad ECO study on HMO vs. Conventional Insurance selection by a homogenous (row) or heterogenous (column) group. My best "guess" is that [View full text and thread]

04/22/2002 05:50 PM by Ryan (centre college); same value payoff for one decision, different payoffs for another
I'm confused which decision would be made given a certain value matrix (given no dominant strategy for either). Can anyone help or point to a good source? (problem and matrix are in my long message) [View full text and thread]