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04/01/2002 03:23 PM by Sungbin Cho; Re:Game Theory analysis of well known financial models
Many papers in corporate finance(corporate governance) take agency-theory approach. For example you can visit and find papers at

I don't know much about the papers on EMH. But it might be interesting to look at

The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Insider Trading on the Stock Market
Jean-Jacques Laffont, Eric S. Maskin, The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 98, No. 1. (Feb., 1990), pp. 70-93.

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03/29/2002 12:30 AM by name withheld; Game Theory analysis of well known financial models
Hi does anyone know any papers analysing well known financial models such as the EMH or Agency Theory in terms of Game Theory? Please email me [View full text and thread]