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12/21/2001 10:01 PM by Pedro Dal Bó; Answers for a 14 years old game theorist
Here are some answer to your questions about game theory:
Dixit and Nalebuff's book is a nice introduction to game theory with lots of examples.
Luce and Raiffa's was published in 1957. It is very technical. I don't recomend it. By the way, the oldest book with game theory, to my knowledge, is Cournot's Recherches sur les principes de la theorie des richesses published in 1838.
Some authors use she and her to be fair. Also, calling one player she and one he can make explanations easier to understand.
I recommend that you look not only at zero sum games. The most interesting games are not zero sum, I think. Look at prisoner's dilemma games and coordination games. [Manage messages]

11/13/2001 05:09 AM by name withheld; Basic Game Theory for a 14 year old
12 November 2001 Dear Dr. Levine, I am an eighth grader at The Buckley School in New York City. My math teacher has assigned a research paper due in three weeks. We are to choose a theory in mathematics. I have chosen game [View full text and thread]