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11/13/2000 06:57 PM by David Levine; appropriate material for the forum
This question is too vague for the forum. If you have specific questions, we will be happy to try to answer them for you.
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11/10/2000 01:18 PM by Safet Kozarevic; application
Dear profesor!
My name is Safet Kozarevic and I live in Bosnia and
Herzegovina. I'm an assistant of professor of
Operations research at Faculty of Economics,
University of Tuzla, BiH.
I've just finished my Postgraduate in field of
Statistical analysis in decision making, and now I am
going to write my Master thesis. I decided to write
the thesis about Games theory and its aplication in
economics. In Bosnia we don't have any experts in this
field, so I need to contact somebody abroad to help
me. I saw your working papers on the internet and I
noticed that You are expert in this field.
So, I would like that you give me some advices how I
can apply Theory games to solve some economic problems
and how I can find application which is able to
involve in my master thesis.
I look forward to hear you.
Best wishes.

Safet Kozarevic
University of Tuzla
Faculty of Economics
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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