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10/24/2010 10:25 PM by Roofing Contractors Austin; Home Improvement
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07/18/2010 04:12 PM by Roger; Where does the # come into it?
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06/06/2010 08:55 AM by Pinchas B; Can't Understand...
I am ashamed to admit that I don't understand how did you get the first line u the equation: W#(p+1) = (x/x+y)(W#(p)+Sy) + (y/x+y)(W#(p)-Sx) Will you be kind enough to go into details? Many thanks, Pinchas [View full text and thread]

06/05/2010 03:13 PM by Emma; Hi
Hi. Can you explain me and simplify the equation and variables and how you solve that? [View full text and thread]

06/04/2010 09:15 PM by skzap;
p is the total number of gladiators S total strength of the field (and therefore constant) T# total strength of team # W# winning chances of team # for p=2 W#(p) = T#/S lets admit W#(p) = T#/S for any p, therefore for [View full text and thread]

06/01/2010 04:29 PM by Emma; the gladiator game enigma
The game: There are two gladiators groups. Group A and Group B. Let assume that group A have 20 gladiators and group B have 30 gladiators. Every gladiator have a mark that represent his power in positive integer - 100, 140, 200, 80, [View full text and thread]