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04/29/2010 02:36 PM by Jen Navarow; Invention is the mother of all needs
I came across the following incentive in terms of
online traffic school [View full text and thread]

04/29/2010 02:35 PM by Tommy Morfan; Great motivation
I came across the following incentive in terms online traffic schools [Manage messages]

04/29/2010 02:33 PM by Stephanie Gabriel; Whats wrong with incentives
There is always some kind of incentive involved with innovation. At times it could be monetary and other times it is in terms of personal satisfaction. [View full text and thread]

09/23/2009 02:48 AM by Robert; Incentives to innovate
Hi! Im currently writing a paper on innovation, IPR and competition law in the softwaremarket. One of my main problem statements in the paper is : If there is no promise of monopoly, will there be any incentives to innovate. I [View full text and thread]