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Ask a question about: Napster
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10/30/2000 11:27 AM by doug bennett;
what producers of music thought they were 'voluntarily transferring' to you (in exchange for money) in the pre-napster days was the right for YOU to LISTEN to their music; not the right for you to copy it and give it away/sell it multiple times [Manage messages]

10/29/2000 07:37 AM by Walter;
According with the argument in Why Napster is right? (at, yes. Most copyrighted music downloaded on Napster is originated by a series of voluntary transfers, beginning with someone who purchased the CD legally. [View full text and thread]

10/26/2000 05:35 PM by Bethany;
If "copyright law should explicitly allow consumers who have legally obtained music to copy and resell it", Do Napster users obtain music legally? Should people be able to download music free fo charge? [View full text and thread]