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10/12/2000 02:30 PM by David K. Levine; Hopefully fixed now
Sorry for the inconvenience. I've been able to replicate this, and believe I have the problem fixed. If you have problems posting, it would be helpful to me if you email me about the problem and include the exact text of what you sent, including all fields on the form. If you use the back button on your browser, you should be able to go back to the posting that didn't work. [Manage messages]

10/12/2000 02:03 PM by doug bennett; can i reply?
?? [View full text and thread]

10/12/2000 02:01 PM by name withheld; having trouble
i cant post a new message to zero sum games topic [View full text and thread]

10/12/2000 01:44 PM by doug bennett; Is this working?
Cant see my recent posts. [View full text and thread]