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09/28/2000 09:19 AM by Walter;
I found some references that may be of your interest: 1)Lloyd Ellis, Huw, 2000, Public Education, Occupational Choice, and the Growth-Inequality Relationship, International Economic Review; 41(1), pp. 171-201. 2)Mehta, Shailendra
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09/27/2000 08:52 AM by PASCAL DIMOPOULOS; Schools and general equilibprium theory
I am looking for if there is a significant economic theory that involves education and schools as economic units and explains their role in economy and the labour market under general equilibrium theory . Does games theory offer something new for the explanation of the economic role of the modern school generally? . Do some parts of the school are involved more than others in globalization and economy ? With what economic epistemology will explain better the role of the modern scool in the capitalistic economy ?

Thank you
Pascal Dimopoulos
Theologian -Educator
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