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09/20/2000 09:28 AM by Walter;
Textbooks use this case as an example of perfect competition. However, there have been studies that analyze the existence of asymmetric information (and hance adverse selection problems because of hidden information).
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09/15/2000 10:05 AM by name withheld; market structure
I am new to economics. I would be most grateful if someone could clarify to what kind of market structure do stockbroking firms operate in e.g. oligopoly, perfect competition etc..... [View full text and thread]

09/05/2000 09:02 AM by Walter;
I found all these references

* Grossman and hart (1986): The Cost and Benefits of ownership. Journal of Political Economy, 94 * Hart and Moore (1990): Property Rights and the Nature of the Firm, Journal of Political Economy 98 * Holmstrom and Milgrom (1994): The firm as an Incentive system, American Economic Review 84 * Holmstrom and Roberts (1998): The Boundaries of the firm revisited, Journal of Economic Perspectives * Kreps (1990): Corporate Culture and Economic Theory, in Alt and Shepsle (eds) Perspectives on Positive Political Economy, Cambridge University Press * Aghion and Tirole (1997), Formal and Real authority in organizations, Journal of Politicak Economy 105 Milgrom (1988): Employment Contracts, Influence Activities and Efficient Organization of Economic Activity, Journal of Political Economy 89 Milgrom and Roberts (1990): Bargainig costs, Influence costs and the Organiztion of Economic Activity, in Alt and Shepsle (eds) Perspectives on Positive Political Economy, Cambridge University Press

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08/30/2000 03:40 AM by manuel; teory of the firm
i am intereted in publications relating to recent teories about the role of the firms in modern economics thank you for your cooperation [View full text and thread]