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08/29/2000 05:30 PM by Pedro Dal Bó; Survivor show
I don't know of papers that can be used to study Survivor. There are some papers that analyze the opposite case, that is when players vote to incorporate people to the island, as in "Voting for voters: a model of electoral evolution" by S. Barbera, M. Maschler and J Shalev. The case of Survivor is interesting but not so easy to analyze. It can be easily seen that if there are no alliances it is a good idea to form one, as it was obvious in the show. But if there are several alliances it may be a good idea not to be in one. The person that it is in no alliance is not dangerous for them and then would not be voted out. Then, it seems that it is not easy to say what it is the optimal thing to do. Besides the difficulty to model the voting in the first stages of the game, it is crucial to understand how the people that were kicked off the island vote at the last round and this is not very clear.

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08/24/2000 03:22 PM by name withheld; survivor
what do you game theorists have to say about CBS's Survivor? I need some insight beyond what I can get from [View full text and thread]