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09/12/2001 07:57 AM by Brandon;
if the game is repeated a finite no of times then collusion cannot be rationalised and we can only find one unique equilibrium -- to cheat. To see this, remember that the only reason to cooperate is to avoid a backlash in the future.
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09/09/2001 11:13 AM by name withheld;
why are there only one equilibria in finitely repeated Prisoner's dilemma. [View full text and thread]

07/12/2000 09:08 AM by Walter;
You could start with the book: Fudenberg and Tirole, "Game Theory" (1993), Cambridge: The MIT Press. This book is full of references. You could also see:

Aumann, R (1987): Game Theory. In J. Eatwell, M. Milgate and P. Nweman (Eds.), The New Palgrave. London: MacMillan Press

Binmore, K. (1983): Funand Games. Sand Francisco: Heat

Rasmusen, E. (1989): Games and Information. Oxford: Basil Blackwell

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07/08/2000 08:31 AM by name withheld;
Hello! I am a student and i have to write a homework about the history and envelopment of the prisoner dilemma and its application to sciences. Could someone give me an advice where to find something about it? (internet pages) [View full text and thread]