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05/30/2000 03:25 PM by Eric Chou;
I have no idea but found the following two record in ECONLIT

TI: Employment Arguments for Protection and the Vita Theory AU: Gray,-H.-Peter. SO: Eastern-Economic-Journal; 10(1), January-March 1984, pages 1-13.. AI: No AN: 0155183 Record 2 of 2 in EconLit 1969-2000/05 TI: A Vita Theory of the Personal Income Distribution AU: Canterbery,-E.-Ray. SO: Southern-Economic-Journal; 46(1), July 1979, pages 12-48.. AI: No AN: 0111592 Hope it helps!

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05/24/2000 04:35 AM by name withheld; Vita Theory
Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what "Vita Theory" is? [View full text and thread]