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02/23/2000 11:13 AM by David K. Levine; bugs fixed
There were two related problems with the game solver. One is that the optimal column player strategy was mislabeled as optimal row player strategy. The other is that there were several bugs in the calculation of the value. I believe that it is fixed now. On the
, it now reports the value (to the row player) of 4.235294 which looks more or less right.
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02/23/2000 11:10 AM by name withheld; Problem with Game Solver
I have been using your 2-person, zero-sum game solver for an introductory course in Game Theory. Recently, I input the 4 by 3 matrix: -9,1,-8 0,1,8 9,8,0 8,4,-7 and received the output: Row player's opt strategy is: [View full text and thread]

02/23/2000 09:52 AM by name withheld; problems with game solver
It seems to me that Professor Levine's program for solving 2 person zero- sum games will not handle rational numbers as payoffs. Also, the value of the game returned by the program is not always correct. For example: I entered the [View full text and thread]