Workshops and Presentations

by David K. Levine

1981 (1)

EA Conference on Financing Problems of Developing Countries (Buenos Aires), October

1982 (8)

Stanford IMSSS Summer Seminar, August; Winter Econometric Society Meetings (New York), December; NBER General Equilibrium Conference (Northwestern), March; Queen’s University, March; University of Western Ontario, March; Latin American Econometric Society Meetings (Mexico City), July; UC Irvine, October; UC Santa Barbara October; Winter Econometric Society Meetings (New York), December

1983 (4)

UC San Diego Econometrics Workshop, February; NBER Conference on the Economics of Trade Unions (Boston), May; Summer Econometric Society Meetings (Chicago), June; Caltech Theory Workshop, October

1984 (6)

Minnesota Theory Workshop, March; Rochester Theory Workshop, March; Pennsylvania Theory Workshops, March; Cambridge (England) Theory Workshop, April; UCLA IIR, April; Econometric Society Meetings, Summer

1985 (4)

LSE, February; World Econometric Society Meeting (Boston), June; UC Berkeley Theory Workshop, December; UC San Diego Theory Workshop, October

1986 (4)

TIMS/ORSA Meetings, April; Caltech Theory Workshop, February; Northwestern Finance Workshop, October; Chicago Money and Banking Workshop, October

1987 (8)

Stanford Theory Workshop, May; UC San Diego Money and Banking Workshop, May; NBER Applied General Equilibrium Conference (Stanford), May; IMSSS Summer Workshop, July; Northwestern Capital Theory Workshop, August; Chicago Theory Workshop, December; University of Wisconsin Theory Workshop, December; NORC Conference (Chicago), December

1988 (3)

Boston College Money Workshop, April; Harvard/MIT Theory Workshop, April; Carnegie-Mellon Theory Workshop, April

1989 (4)

UC San Diego Theory Workshop, March; University of Kansas Theory Workshop, March; Madrid Conference on Dynamic Models, June; Sante Fe Institute, October

1990 (11)

Western Ontario Theory Workshop, March; Caltech Theory Workshop, April; UC Santa Barbara Money Workshop, April; University of Washington Theory Workshop, May; Stanford Business School Economic Theory Workshop, May; Society for Economic Dynamics and Control meetings, Minneapolis, June; Stoneybrook Game Theory Conference, July; University of Texas Theory Workshop, October; Northwestern MEDS Workshop, October; University of Chicago Theory Workshop, November; Johns Hopkins Theory Workshop, December

1992 (4)

Stoneybrook Game Theory Conference, July; Latin American Econometric Society Meetings (Mexico City), October; Princeton University Theory Workshop, November; USC Theory Workshop, December

1993 (9)

Winter Econometric Society Meetings (Anaheim), January; Cornell University Theory Workshop, April; UC Riverside Theory Workshop, May; UC San Diego Theory Workshop, June; Carlos III (Madrid), June; University of Alicante (Spain), June; NBER Fluctuations Meetings (Boston), July; Northwestern Theory Workshop, December; University of Chicago Theory Workshop, December

1994 (5)

UCLA Theory Workshop, January; UC Berkeley Theory Workshop, April; SEDC Plenary Talk (Los Angeles), July; Course in Advanced Game Theory, Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo), August; IMPA (Rio de Janeiro), August

1995 (6)

UC San Diego Theory Workshop, April; Carlos III Conference on Learning in Games (Madrid), June; UCLA Mathematics Department Colloquium, June; World Econometric Meetings, August (Tokyo); Carlos III Theory Workshop (Madrid), November; UCLA Game Theory Workshop, November

1996 (8)

UCLA Theory Workshop, January; Harvard/MIT Joint Theory Workshop, April; Santa Cruz Workshop on Sequence Prediction, April; Trento Conference in honor of Robert Clower, May; Summer in Tel Aviv; Northwestern University Theory Workshop; University of Chicago Theory Workshop; University of Chicago Macro Workshop

1997 (9)

AEA Meetings (New Orleans), January; UCSD Theory Workshop, February; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, March; Chinese University, March; Academia Sinica (Taiwan), March; National Taiwan University, March; UCSB Theory Workshop; April; UCLA Marschak Colloquium, October; UCLA-Caltech Joint Theory, November

1998 (9)

NBER Money and Growth Small Group (Palo Alto), February; Columbia University Economic Theory Workshop, February; Yale University Cowles Lecture, February; Istituto Veneto Workshop in Economic Theory, May; Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank Conference on Endogenous Complete Markets, June; Econometric Society Summer Meetings (Montreal), June; Vigo Conference on Macroeconomic Dynamics, July; Trieste Conference on Evolutionary Game Theory, September; USC MicroTheory Workshop, October

1999 (4)

University of Texas, Austin Macroeconomics Workshop, April; University of Iowa Theory Workshop, April; Latin American Econometric Society Meetings (Cancun), August; Arizona State University Economics Workshop, October

2000 (4)

Stanford, Theory Workshop, March; Southern California Theory Conference, March; ITAM Theory Workshop, May; Trieste Summer School, August

2001 (12)

UCLA, Conference on Norms and Scale, April; Whittier College, April; University of Rome Tor Vergata, XIII Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar, June; IMPA, 23rd Coloquio Brasileiro de Matematica, July; Latin American Econometric Society Meetings, July; Central Bank of Uruguay, XVI Jornadas Anuales de Economia, July; Torcuato Di Tella Theory Workshop, July; Behavior, Evolution and Culture Series, UCLA, October; Toulouse Theory Workshop, December; Toulouse Money Workshop, December; LSE Theory Workshop, December; Humboldt University Micro Workshop, December

2002 (6)

American Economic Association, January; UC Berkeley Macro Workshop, September; Northwestern IO Workshop, September; Cornell Theory Workshop, October; UCLA Brown Bag Workshop, October; ITAM Theory Workshop, November; University of Minnesota, December

2003 (12)

University of Alabama Micro Workshop, January; Princeton Theory Workshop, March; IER/Lawrence Klein Lecture, March; Duke Theory Workshop, April; Texas A&M Bruce Smith Conference, April; Carnegie-Rochester, April; National Security and Space Workshop, June; SED Meetings, June; SAET Meetings, July; Yale/Cowles Theory Workshop, October; Harvard/MIT Theory Workshop, October; Texas Austin Theory Workshop, October

2004 (10)

Columbia Theory Workshop, February; Hong Kong University Theory Workshop, March; Chinese University Public Lecture, March; Hong Kong Science and Technology Theory Workshop, March; Seoul National Theory Workshop, March; Canadian Theory Conference, April; Game Theory Society, July; Stanford Theory Workshop, October; USC Workshop, October; UC Irvine Theory Workshop, October

2005 (8)

UC Berkeley Theory Workshop, April; UC Berkeley Behavioral Workshop, April; Brown Theory Workshop, April; International Monetary Fund, April; University College London, June; World Bank Conference on R&D, Barcelona, June; University of Pittsburgh Macro Workshop, September; Barcelona JOCS, September

2006 (16)
Washington University St. Louis Theory Workshop, February; Northwestern University Theory Workshop, April; Cato Institute, April; Munich Institute on Behavioral Economics, May; Econometric Society Summer Meetings, June; SED Summer Meetings, July; Australia National University Economic Dynamics, August Workshop; Australian Treasury Department Lecture, August; Monash University Theory Workshop, August; LaTrobe University Theory Workshop, August; Melbourne Business School Theory Workshop, August; Melbourne Business School Forum on Intellectual Property, August; University of Sydney Theory Workshop, August; Neuroeconomics Conference, September; WUSTL Experimental Brown Bag Lunch, December; Catolica University, Santiago Chile, December
2007 (12)
American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, January; WUSTL Experimental Brown Bag Lunch, February; Missouri Economics Conference, March; UCLA - Ostroy Conference, March; University of Iowa Theory Seminar, May; Ohio State Theory Seminar, May; Chicago Conference in Honor of Robert Lucas, May; Madrid Conference on IP, May; Carlos III Theory Workshop, May; Harvard Behavioral Workshop, September; RAND Health Seminar, November; Industry Canada, November

2008 (9)
WUSTL Theory Workshop, February; SWET, UCSB, March; UCSD Theory Workshop, March; UCLA School of Public Health, April; University of Michigan Theory Workshop, April; University of Pennsylvania PIER Lecture, April; Inaugural Shoyama Lecture, Canadian Ministry of Finance, May; UCLA Industrial Organzation Workshop, June; Carlos III Theory Workshop, June
2009 (26)
San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, February; Hong Kong University, March; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, March; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (2 talks), March; McMaster University, Ontario (3 talks), March; UT Austin, Truman Bewley Conference, April; Penn State Cornell Conference, April; Northwestern (2 talks), May; European University Institute, May (2 talks); Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, May; Collegio Carlo Alberto, May; Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, May; University of Zurich, May; UCL/LSE, June; Cambridge University, June; WUSTL, September; Transatlantic Theory Conference, Northwestern, September; LAMES, Buenos Aires, October; Rice Theory Workshop, October; Purdue Theory Workshop, October; ESA Plenary Talk, November

EUI Florence, February; University of Munich CES Seminar, May; Trento Festival of Economics, May; Sciences-po Paris, June; FUR XIV Newcastle, June; Copenhagen Conference on Risk, June;  SAET Singapore, August; Tinbergen Institute Conference, September; University of Bologna, October;  Toulouse  Theory Workshop, October ;  UCL, December; Lausanne EPFL, December; Milan Bicocca Neuroeconomics Conference

2011 (12)
Barcelona  FCForum, January;  CEMFI Madrid, January;  Maastricht Meteorite Seminar, February; EUI Florence, February;  Milan Catholic, April; Paris School of Economics, May; Bank of Italy, May; SAET Annual Meeting, May; University of Iowa Theory Seminar, August; WUSTL Reading Group, September; NYU Theory Workshop, October; Iowa General Equilibrium Conference, October

2012 (8)
University of Maryland Theory Workshop, January; EUI Microeconomics Workshop, April; University of Paris, SWET Conference, June;  Penn State Undergraduate Seminar series, September; Penn State Theory Workshop, September; University of Colorado Theory Seminar, September; University of Colorado Undergraduate Seminar, September; Sciences Po Theory Seminar, October

2013 (14)
St. Louis Fed, February; Cal Tech, April; Sant'Anna Pisa, March; University of Naples, May; Science Po, June; Paris Extensive Form Games Conference, June; Venice Theory Conference, June; Bristol, June; Florence ISNIE, June; San Andres Theory Workshop, August; Di Tella, August (2 talks); Bocconi, October; University of Vienna, November

National Academy of Sciences, Irvine, January; CERGE-EI, Prague, March; School of Economics, Utrecht, March;  INET, Cambridge, March; Theory Workshop, Cambridge, March; Southampton Theory Workshop, April; ROY Seminar, Paris, April; Economics Department, Paris Polytechnic, May; ESNIE, Corsica, May; Theory Workshop, Edinburgh, May; NoiseFromAmerika, Forli, June; LUISS, Rome, October; University of Helsinki, November; Warwick, November

2015 (11)
AEA Meetings, Boston, January; University of Glasgow, February; University of Padua, March; Bocconi, informal political economy workshop, March; Waterloo, Microeconomic Theory Workshop, April; Waterloo, Waterloo Arts Distinguished Lecture in Economics, April; Queen Mary Theory Conference, May;San Andres Theory Workshop, August; DiTella Theory Workshop, August; UCL Theory Workshop, October; UECE Theory Conference, Lisbon, November

2016 (10)
EUI Reading Group, January; Bocconi Political Economy Group, March; Pisa, March; Yale Theory Group, April, Northwestern MEDS Theory Group, April; Bologna Young Economists Workshop, June; Games Conference (2 talks), Maastricht, July; ESOF IP Debate, Manchester, July; Stockholm Theory Workshop, November

2017 (10)
Royal Holloway Theory Workshop, February; Washington University of St. Louis Public Lecture, April; Washington University of St. Louis Theory Workshop, April; Warwick in Venice Political Economy Conference, May; Fudan University Theory Workshop, June; SHUFE Theory Workshop, June; SJTU Theory Workshop, June; LAMES Buenos Aires, November; Public Lecture, University of the Pacific, Lima, November; Theory Workshop, University of the Pacific, November

2018 (11)
Warwick Theory Workshop (2 talks), March; Washington University of St. Louis Public Lecture, April; Paris Institutions Conference, March; Zurich Political Economy Conference, May; Pisa Innovation Conference, May; Ca' Foscara Theory Workshop, May; Trento Workshop (2 talks); Paris Yannelis Workshop, June; Asia Pacific Innovation Conference, December

2019 (9)
British Institute of Florence, January; Washington University of St. Louis General Economics seminar, April; Brussels, Young Economists, May; University of Milano-Bicocca workshop, May; Paris/EIEF Political Economy, June; University of Bergamo, June; Cambridge Theory Workshop, October; Nottingham Theory Workshop, October; Lancaster Game Theory Conference, November.
2020 (6)
Hebrew University Center for Rationality, January; Bar Ilan University General Workshop, January; Tel-Aviv University COST Conference, January; Ca' Foscari Climate Panel, February; Erasmus Conference Address, March; Venice-Padua Theory Workshop, October

2021 (11)
Oxford Union, February; EUI Experts Group, February; Indiana, Ostrom Political Economy Workshop, February; Bocconi, Civica Tour d'Europe, March; National Business Economic Issues Council, May; EWET Round Table, June; Beijing International Workshop on Microeconomics: Empirics, Experiments and Theory, October; Essex Theory Workshop, October; UCL Theory Workshop, October; De Tella Economics Seminar, October; University of Birmingham Theory Workshop, November

2022 (6)
Zurich ETH Theory Workshop, March; Washington University of St. Louis Theory Workshop, April; Washington University of St. Louis Public Lecture, April; MIT Drew Fudenberg Conference, April; Imperial College Economics Workshop, June; University of Surrey Theory Workshop, October

2023 (3)
University of Minnesota Tim Kehoe Conference, May; EWET Conference, Naples, July; RHUL Leverhulme Workshop, October

2024 (0)